BEEP Doctors receive grant for over £80,000 -

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BEEP Doctors receive grant for over £80,000

December 2nd, 2021

The BEEP Doctors charity recently received a grant of £83,500 from the Mark Benevolent Fund, working for the province of Cumberland and Westmorland. The cheque was presented to the crew by the Freemasons of West Cumbria and has paid for some equipment that will help the volunteer doctors save even more lives across the county.  The new equipment has been put to good use already during Storm Arwen at the weekend.

With the generous funding, the BEEP Doctors have been able to purchase seven Shiller “Touch 7” Monitor/Defibrillators, plus nine Schiller AED Defibrillators. The monitors observe all the essential physiological parameters that the doctors need for treating patients, especially the sickest ones.  These parameters include blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturations, expired air carbon dioxide, respiratory rate, 12-lead ECG monitoring as well as defibrillating/shocking the heart, external heart pacing & external DC conversion for abnormal heart rhythms. The smaller AED Defibrillators will defibrillate/shock the heart.

The BEEP Doctors work very closely with the ambulance service and the Great North Air Ambulance.  This grant means that the doctors can now use the same equipment as the emergency services allowing them to perform enhanced life saving care at the scene of an emergency saving even more lives right across Cumbria.

Theo Weston, Charman of BEEP commented

“We would like to extend a huge thank you to the Mark Benevolent Fund for this huge donation to BEEP Doctors. The new equipment will make an enormous difference to the work that we do attending the sick and injured at the roadside in Cumbria.  In fact it’s the first time in over 25 years that we’ve been able to equip all fifteen doctors with full state of the art monitoring and defibrillation capabilities and therefore we will be able to provide a lot more substantial and reliable care to the patients that we treat.  This is a massive step forward for the Charity as we move towards a much more robust, reliable & resilient IT based patient monitoring & treatment setup.  So, thank you from all our doctors and the people of Cumbria who will benefit from this, for making this possible.”

These new devices are all touch screen and also connect via Bluetooth and to the team’s new iPads, which were recently donated.  This means they are easy to use, but also very intuitive as it means the doctors are able to download all the observations and procedures onto the patient notes on the iPads and provides more comprehensive reporting of the call outs they attend.

The team of volunteer BEEP Doctors were called out several times over the weekend due to the severe weather and were able to put their new equipment to good use. Storm Arwen on Saturday evening and the snow flurries on Sunday made it particularly difficult conditions for the doctors to work in.

As a result of Storm Arwen, BEEP Doctors were called to several incidents and worked closely with the Northwest Ambulance Service, Fire Service, Mountain rescue and Cumbria Police.

Two doctors were called to assist at a call out in Ambleside with multiple incidents of trees falling on people. The conditions were particularly treacherous and the BEEP Doctors XC1 vehicle needed support from the Mountain rescue to ensure the team got back to the south of the county safely.

Four BEEP Doctors were also called to two road traffic accidents in the north of the county, sadly with some very serious injuries.

The team of 15 doctors cover the whole of Cumbria and into north Lancashire and southwest Scotland on occasion.  They have been called out to over 300 incidents across the county so far in 2021 and have saved numerous lives alongside the emergency services.