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BEEP Fundraising Ideas

February 28th, 2021

Following the announcement of the planned roadmap to exit lockdown over the next few months, we are extremely excited to be able to plan events and resume our social fundraising activities.

It has been difficult for all charities to fundraise during the past year, but we have appreciated the kindness and generosity from those who gave to us either by monthly direct debit or one-off gifts.

As our team get busy with confirming details of events to attend from summer onwards, let us inspire you with ideas for fundraising…

You could walk a marathon – think of the miles and steps you cover on your daily walks. Start logging these (via an app like Strava) and you will cover the 26.2 miles of a marathon in a few weeks. If you usually stride out on longer walks, challenge yourself to see how many marathon distances you can walk in 2 months.

Working from home? If you add up the cost of your pre-lockdown daily takeaway coffee on the way to work, it will generate a sizeable charitable donation. Even if you did it for one month, you’d be surprised at the amount.

Has your hair grown really long during lockdown? Us too! Why not go extreme and once hairdressers open again, go for the chop and get sponsored to cut it short.

You may not get to travel to far flung places in the next months, however, if you track your mileage when you go out for a bike ride, you could see how far you’re cycling around the world. Challenge yourself by picking a destination, calculate the distance and get sponsorship to reach your goal.

We are using our cars less than normal at present – the majority of us heading to the supermarket or Post Office for essentials. Why not donate the cost of filling up your fuel tank?

Will you be having your next birthday before we’re out of lockdown? Do something different this year and rather than friends and family spending money on going out and celebrating your special day, they donate to your chosen charity. Facebook birthday fundraisers are a popular way to run a fundraising campaign. All of the money donated goes to the charity you pick. Pick us!

Oh and why not be like the Queen and have two birthdays this year? Fundraise for your lockdown birthday and celebrate with your friends and loved ones when gathering can resume safely. We all like a celebration.

Now is the best time to Spring clean so sort your books, DVDs, clothes, shoes – list on selling sites and donate the proceeds. You get a tidy home, clear the clutter, feel good and also help support a worthwhile cause at the same time.

Do tell us about your fundraising efforts and exploits for the BEEP Doctors. Share photos and details about the amount you raise. We’ll happily share with all of our followers on social media, if you permit us to.

Donating your much appreciated and hard-earned fundraising amounts is simple. Head to our JustGiving page here and please tick the Gift Aid box to maximise your donation. Thank you.