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Your support helps to save lives in our local community. Text BEEP to 70085 to donate £2 or BEEP to 70450 to donate £10


Donating and Making a Difference

March 5th, 2020

We know there are hundreds of charities for everyone to choose from but supporting a local charity where the difference made is tangible is rewarding for all parties. How can your donations make a difference to our Cumbrian charity? A one-off donation could fill our emergency vehicle with fuel. A monthly direct debit of £10 can enable us to project and plan for the next purchase of lifesaving equipment. Whether a little or a lot, just the once or regularly, donations are what every charity relies on.

The BEEP Fund is born and bred in Cumbria, everyone involved is local and the people whom we help are either our fellow county folk or welcome visitors. All of whom the BEEP doctors will help when called upon, whatever time of day. Supporting a local charity with a wide reach, benefiting and caring for hundreds of thousands of people is testament to a very worthy and hard working donation.

Jean is a resident of Penrith and supports the BEEP Fund with a monthly direct debit set up 3 years ago. “I give £5 every month via my direct debit, I know it’s automatically organised and sent to them. The BEEP Fund is a crucial lifesaving charity in my area. I haven’t personally experienced their work in action, thank goodness, but I know through local news programmes and my local newspaper that they are kept busy.”

Tom has lived in Carlisle all his life and has family nearby. He is an annual subscriber to the 100 Club, the weekly Friday draw. “Each week, a winner is picked and gets the £30 prize fund then an additional draw on the last Friday of every month picks someone who receives £100. Good odds for only £1 a week. I have been a winner, which was a lovely surprise, whilst supporting the emergency Doctors and their good work.”

The easiest and simplest way to donate is by setting up a direct debit. For example, if you were to donate £120 in one go, it might affect your finances that month. However, set up a £10 monthly donation (that’s just four small high street cups of coffee) and this will add up to the same £120 over the course of the year. You’ll notice it less and for less than 35pence per day, you are supporting lifesaving on-call Doctors who are ready to help anyone in need in your local area.

Feel good for donating. Be proud. Tell others. Your neighbours, your friends and your colleagues. The BEEP Fund and its team of Doctors serve the 500,000 strong population of Cumbria. Local support makes all the difference and between us all, we really do save lives.