July 2021 Call-Outs - BEEP Doctors Cumbria - Volunteer Emergency Doctors

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July 2021 Call-Outs

August 1st, 2021

The month of July saw our team of Beep Doctors called out to 29 incidents across Cumbria.

There were 16 road traffic collisions between vehicles of various sizes, from motorbikes to lorries, and pedestrians this month. Casualties were treated at the scene and taken to hospital, where required, by ambulance or helicopter.

Two casualties fell from roofs so we ask you to please take care. Always have someone helping you in ascending a ladder or get professionals in to do the work you need doing safely.

Sadly this month, we had 4 drowning incidents. Please take care in the water. It can be colder than you think, you don’t know what is under the surface and currents can be dangerous.

Our call-outs took us on journeys from 2 miles to 80 miles in order to assist those in need.