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When You Might Need Us

September 4th, 2019

Our volunteer doctors are on call around the clock in the Cumbria area to provide pre-hospital enhanced emergency care to anyone in need, wherever that may be. Here’s when you might need us.

You never know when you might be in a situation where the emergency services are called but this could be anywhere and knowing you have emergency service personnel on call and equipped to help you to the highest level is very comforting. This is in addition to the paramedics, fire service, police and coastguard teams answering 999 calls.

The BEEP doctors are called to attend a variety of emergencies. These could be road traffic accidents, whether on motorways or country lanes and the rapid response vehicle will transport them swiftly to the scene of the accident in order to administer emergency care to the patient or patients.

The countryside, though a beautiful expanse to wonder at and enjoy, can be a dangerous place with unpredictable animals, various waterways and farms, on which assorted types of machinery are used. Our doctors have been called to incidents involving cows in their fields, who have trampled dog walkers out for a country ramble and to farmers who have incurred injuries whilst using their machinery or dealing with their livestock.

Our country has many canals, rivers, ponds, lakes and coastline which can look idyllic and serene. In the hot summer months, it may seem inviting to jump in and take a swim to cool off and in the winter when it looks frozen, crisp and sparkling trying to stand on the ice does cross some people?s minds. These can be such occasions when the BEEP Doctors services are called upon, as an individual gets into difficulty in unknown waters and with unpredictable currents and rip tides or they fall into freezing cold water.

Our homes, where we feel safe and secure can sometimes be the place of accidents as can our workplaces, which can vary in level of risk depending on the nature of the business. This can sometimes be because we are familiar with the surroundings and maybe ?switch off? or ?tune out? whilst doing a routine task, rather than concentrating fully. A second or two of lapsed concentration can be all it takes for an accident to happen.

Accidents involving children are thankfully not that common call-outs but the BEEP Doctors will ensure that the young patients receive high-level of care and any life-saving procedures will be administered before being transported to hospital for additional treatment.

We obviously hope that our team of highly skilled and dedicated doctors never encounter you, the person reading this, as it means that you won?t be in a life-threatening scenario requiring pre-hospital emergency care. However, feel safe in the knowledge that the BEEP Fund charity has been taking care of the Cumbrian population for 25 years and will continue to do this in the future. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and don?t take any unnecessary risks which could endanger yourself or others. Thank you for your support. If you would like to donate, please click here.