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BEEP Fundraising campaign

January 15th, 2021

BEEP (Basics) Cumbria has launched a 2021 fundraising campaign.  With the addition of new volunteer doctors to the crew, BEEP Doctors need to raise money to provide vital equipment for them to use on call outs.

Each doctor carries a basic amount of equipment, which they need to attend serious incidents across Cumbria. The more serious the incident they attend, the more advanced equipment they need to monitor patients, perform minor surgery or anaesthetize patients before they are taken to hospital.

The aim is to equip all 16 doctors with a Zoll x-series monitor. The monitors provide real-time clinical feedback on a patients’ state.  In the pre-hospital environment, access to data helps the doctors manage trauma, cardiac arrest, chest pain, respiratory distress, paediatric issues, and other conditions.

To improve patient outcomes, our doctors rely on feedback and data at every step of the rescue.  Access to real-time clinical feedback on the scene can take BEEP Doctors’ care to the next level and enable our team to manage multiple disease states; therefore saving more lives.

We now also cover every corner of Cumbria, so our doctors are spread out across the county.  It is impossible for us to share equipment, so each doctor needs to be equipped with the latest life-saving technology to ensure we can give the best care when we attend serious incidents.

The aim is to raise £145,000 over the next 6-12 months.  Can you help with the BEEP Fundraising campaign and help us hit our target and save more lives in Cumbria?  Click here to get in touch.