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Fundraising as a Team

November 8th, 2019

Fundraising as a team is an extremely fun (hence the name!) and beneficial activity. Solo endeavours can be a great challenge for an individual but think of the extra power, motivation and support from organising an event with a group of like-minded people. ?

Teaming up with friends, colleagues or teammates can generate added impetus and energy. You know each other well and can plan, book, fund-raise, organise, collect sponsorship and ensure you all complete the challenge by using your strengths to divide up these tasks. ?

Strength in Numbers

Teammates will know each other?s strengths and weaknesses and work together to maximise this. There might be someone on the team who is great at organising, so registering for an event or booking accommodation or planning the travel will be ideal for them. Someone else might be a whizz on social media and so can lead the fundraising efforts by registering with your chosen charity to gather funds directly. They can then share this information so all of the team members can share the posts and make sure all friends and contacts on their individual social media accounts know about their upcoming efforts. Team members might be able to get matched funding from their employer to raise the monetary total. Being part of a fundraising team means a wider reach in terms of sponsorship, support and the number of people cheering you on at the event (if applicable). ?

Whatever the challenge is ? we all know life in general is better with friends – so to challenge yourself, mentally or physically might need the dry humour of your close friend or a hug from your best mate. Fundraising as a group will raise more funds than going solo and be less daunting.??

Fundraising Ideas

If you?re looking for ideas on group fundraising, let us help you get the ball rolling??

How about a fell walking challenge, 5km walk or run, a local fashion show, a quiz, put on an amateur dramatic show, organise a choir performance or get a knitting group together for a sponsored knit-a-thon with the items created given to a local hospice/hospital ? two charities could benefit from this idea. A sponsored bike ride doesn?t always need to be in the great outdoors ? a 24-hour cycle with two bikes set up indoors and your team pedalling for a whole day, taking turns in the saddle to see how far you can go would be a fun idea and you could plot the distance on a map.?

We hope we have inspired you to invite your friends, relations or colleagues to join you in a fundraising idea in the future. Your group efforts will no doubt raise funds for great causes as well as awareness and whatever your chosen activity or challenge is, we hope you enjoy it and are spurred on to do something for charity again soon. If you?d like to raise funds for BEEP Fund Ltd, we would be extremely grateful. Do get in touch to let us know your fantastic fundraising challenges and we?ll share your stories with our fans and followers.??